Our Mission

Empowering traditional Cannabis farmers through education, research and advocacy.

Who we are & why we’re here

The International Cannabis Farmers Association is a group of farmers, scientists and stakeholders working together to promote the unique quality and ecological superiority of sun grown Cannabis products while preserving the heritage of traditional farming communities.

The association is made up of farmers and stakeholders committed to the best agriculture and farming practices. It is an organization of, by and for farmers.

Internationally, regulatory frameworks often require that therapeutic Cannabis varietals be grown indoors or in all season greenhouses despite the overwhelming evidence that traditionally farmed sun grown Cannabis is qualitatively and ecologically superior. This public policy trend has devastating environmental implications and leaves both patients and adult-use consumers without access to sun grown cannabis and cannabis-derived products.

We have formed the International Cannabis Farmers Association to establish the science, data and consumer direct education necessary to break down these barriers while promoting the benefits of traditionally farmed Cannabis.


As individuals, our power is limited. As a group, we are far more powerful.

Our Team

Dustin Moore

Executive Director

Kristin Nevedal


Dr. Amanda Reiman


Tristin Oates


Chrystal Ortiz

Board Member

Heather Kornberg

Board Member

Hollie Hall

Board Member

Tina Gordon

Board Member


We strive to empower traditional Cannabis farmers through education, research and advocacy. Our programs will raise public awareness about the benefits of traditionally farmed Cannabis and provide educational resources for farmers, regulators, industry and consumers.


The International Cannabis Farmers Association will be conducting research to quantify the ecological superiority of traditionally farmed Cannabis as well as gathering data necessary to establish internationally recognized appellations of origin.

Farmer Advocacy

ICFA will advocate for the development of responsible regulations in CA, which we see as crucially important due to the state’s significance to national and international policy development. We will promote public policy that ensures an equal share of licenses are issued to traditional sun grown Cannabis farmers. Our Cannabis Resource Center will provide up-to-date guidance on concerns such as regulatory compliance and product safety protocols.

Consumer Direct Education

ICFA will create a dynamic and creative consumer direct educational campaign that highlights the quality and ecological superiority of traditionally farmed sun grown Cannabis. We will conduct market research to analyze the current availability and perception of sun grown Cannabis in today’s marketplace. (You can help by filling out this brief survey about your purchasing preferences.) Our Cannabis Resource Center in Garberville, California will provide educational materials for farmers, consumers, and the general public, as well as a tourism map highlighting locally produced Cannabis and related products.

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